Duvan Brock Financial Services, Inc., was founded on the principal of helping clients achieve their financial goals.  We take a private equity approach to the public markets in that we pay attention to short-term fluctuations, however we focus on long-term results.

We pay particular attention to creating broadly diversified portfolios because we believe this is the best way for investors to enhance returns.  Duvan has described his approach as one of "boring clients to success."  This is because, after a suitable portfolio has been constructed (barring material changes in circumstances), the two most important determinants of investment success are time and patience. Perhaps this is not as flashy an approach as selecting the next high flying stock of the day, but in the long run this style historically has proven to be one of the most effective ways to help clients achieve their real life financial goals.

At Duvan Brock Financial Services, Inc., we adjust and rebalance portfolios as part of an overall long-term plan and not simply in response to the latest investment craze or fad.  Rarely does a client meeting go by during which Duvan doesn't emphasize that long-term investing is a marathon, not a sprint, and that short-term investment results, whether positive or negative, are largely meaningless. Duvan works with all clients one-on-one and stresses that a successful relationship be based on effective communication, mutual trust and respect, and prompt courteous attention to detail.

Again, long-term investing is a marathon not a sprint.  It may be a lot of fun to "brag" about one good year's return, or some average thereof, but it is extremely dangerous.  Resist the urge – Don’t do it!!  You wouldn't try to walk across a river just because it had an average depth of four feet would you?  One of the greatest comforts long-term diversified investors' should enjoy is the sense of well being of knowing that short-term market movements usually have little (if any) impact on their ability to reach their financial goals. 


It is far more important to save money for your future than to get a substantial return on money you never saved!